We know the results of sales of passenger cars in Spain during 2018, as well as the data of each channel and the weight of gasoline compared to diesel.

Sales cars December 2018: 1.33 million cars sold throughout the year

We have already put the year-end to 2018, and take with strength this new 2019. However, it is time to review data and results harvested in the previous year. We are going to review the registrations of passenger car registrations in December 2018 and compare the behavior of the market in 2018 with respect to the previous 2017.

December 2018 has not obtained positive records regarding the same month of 2017. The decrease has been 1.9% , having registered a total of 101,544 passenger cars in these last days of the year. Fortunately, the fall is less noticeable than the one registered in November, although the change in regulations to the WLTP is still noticeable. In the global year-round 2018, 1,334,085 cars have been registered, assuming a growth of 7.5%.

It seems that the changes in mobility that are so much talked about and the prohibition of access to the nuclei of some large cities have sown some" fear "among customers, delaying the moment of purchase due to the uncertainty that we all have in these moments.

Enrollments by channels


The month of December has not been any good for the private channel . In this last month, where 56,320 passenger cars have been marketed to individuals, has experienced a decrease of 8.7% compared to December 2017. In the accumulated of the year the growth is 4.3% due to the 680,219 registrations.

Car rental companies >

The rent a car companies have increased their car registrations by 3.5% during the month of December, acquiring a total of 11,056 vehicles. Throughout 2018 they have made a positive jump of 5.7%, accumulating 237,979 commercializations.


The channel of companies continues to gain weight in the market and increasing its records month by month and year by year. In December, 34,168 passenger cars were registered for this channel, growing by 9.7%. The accumulated data for the year is also very positive, with 415,887 registrations and an improvement of no less than 14.2% compared to 2017.

Sales: Diesel or gasoline?

2017 ended, for the first time in many years, with more sales of gasoline cars than diesel. The share was 51.1% for gasoline mechanics. The market trend clearly continues towards gasoline, and that is to close the year 2018 we find a share of nothing less than 63% for gasoline models , by 36% of diesel .

Source - ANIACAM

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