Hyundai-Kia has presented its automatic parking system through autonomous driving and wireless charging. All controlled with the mobile.

With Hyundai-Kia your car will park alone and will be charged automatically

Hyundai and Kia want to make your life easier to the owners of electric cars of the future. The group consisting of both Korean brands has developed a wireless charging system for electric vehicles . But in this case it is not a simple platform like the one presented by BMW. In fact, it is an automated system that parks the cars on their own and then recharges them . The future posed by the movie "I robot" is already close.

The leaders of the group explain this technology through a video in which the protagonist is the concept Le Fil Rouge de Hyundai According to them, the system is designed to solve two problems at once : lack of space to park and lack of charging points. Some situations that will probably worsen over time, given the strong growth of electrical sales in recent years.

How the Hyundai-Kia system works

What Hyundai and Kia's technology does is to steer vehicles autonomously to an empty wireless charging station . The system also takes out the already loaded cars from the stations (also in an autonomous way), to make room for those who are entering.

As soon as As the charge by magnetic induction is completed, the Automated Valet Parking System (AVPS) parks the vehicle in an empty space. When the driver calls the vehicle through a smartphone application, will return autonomously to the driver's location.

Everything controlled by the mobile

All this is possible thanks to the continuous communication between the electric car, the parking facilities, the charging system and the driver's mobile. The installation sends the location of empty parking spaces and charging stations to the user. It also sends the battery status to the user in real time .

Hyundai-Kia plans to launch this technology around the year 2025 when autonomous vehicles Level 4 are also more common. Both Hyundai and Kia are also planning to sell cars with a certain level of self-driving for smart cities from 2021, before launching fully autonomous vehicles by 2030.

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