We review all the sports we have tested in 2018 in Actualidad Motor. Some small and fun with little power, and others with more than 500 HP.

These are the sports that we tested at Actualidad Motor in 2018

Just days away to welcome the 2019 , and as we know that you all like sports cars, we thought that there is no better way to dismiss this year than collecting all the sports cars that have passed through our hands in 2018 . From high-performance utilities to the fastest sedans on the market.

We like cars, everyone, but we can not deny that what we enjoy most about this job is to try and tell you the sensations that sports people transmit to us. Between long-term tests and product presentations, we have launched no less than 12 + 1 articles telling you our impressions at the controls of high-flying cars . With which of them do you all stay?

Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster

Our first test article with a sports car could hardly have a better protagonist. In January we told you our impressions with the Mercedes-AMG GT Roadster (you can read here the test), a very emotional convertible two-seater. Under its long front hood the 476 hp of its V8 twin turbo with 4 liters, which are capable of launching at more than 300 km/h.

Audi S4 Avant

Also in January, a server tested one of those cars as fast as polyvalent. The Audi S4 Avant (found here the test) is an ideal family car, as it offers an interior space and very high load capacity, great travel comfort and acceptable consumption when devouring kilometers at 120 km/It's about At the same time, if you want to have fun, you just have to select the Sport mode and sink the right pedal so that its 354 HP and the Quattro traction leave you stuck to the seat.

Ford Focus RS

After a few months in terms of sports tests, our partner Luis was behind the wheel of what for us is the most extreme sports compact in the current market. We are talking about the Ford Focus RS (visit our test), which is based on a rough 350 HP engine with integral traction and a very rigid set-up. It is not a comfortable car at all, its goal is to be fun and effective, created for demanding drivers.

Hyundai i30 N

One of the sports compact that surprised us most in this 2018 has been the Hyundai i30 N (you can read here the test), car that Diego López tried. Expectations were high for all the excitement that the Asian brand had created around this car. We tried it on its 250-hp version, but we still fell in love with its dynamic behavior, its exhaust sound and because it can also be perfectly a journal car, like an i30 more.

Suzuki Swift Sport

The day of the presentation of the Suzuki Swift Sport (find here the test), a little considered sport. This car is one of the best expressions of simplicity.All this with a very affordable price for the fun it offers.

Honda Civic Type R

The fastest front-wheel drive car on the old Nürburgring circuit did not disappoint at all . The Honda Civic Type R (visit our test) proved to be a thoroughbred. Its effectiveness at the time of drawing curves, both slow and fast, left us stunned. To this we must add the impressive traction capacity of the front axle when accelerating without hesitation, as well as the great thrust of its 2.0 V-TEC Turbo engine with 320 HP.

Seat Leon Cupra

Already in the middle of the year, our colleague Alex Ortiz transmitted all the sensations he had felt at the steering wheel of the Seat Leon Cupra (you can read the test here) in the now extinct body SC, the 3-door. Of him we highlighted the great power delivery of its 2.0 TSI engine with 300 hp, but also its noble behavior and low consumption when we were looking, simply, go from point A to point B of the city. Perhaps the most balanced sports compact on the market.

Toyota GT86

There are not many pure sports cars left, considering as" pure "all those with coupe body, low weight, atmospheric engine, manual transmission and rear propulsion. The Toyota GT86 (find here the test) is not a car that seeks to beat times in circuit, but to transmit all the sensations of fun possible to its driver. For us, even if you only have 200 HP and your energy delivery is low, we love your concept.

Subaru WRX STi

Also from the far east comes the Subaru WRX STi (visit our test). The mythical compact sedan has not changed its recipe for decades. This has made it one of the most desired cars by all purists and rally lovers. It uses a 300 hp boxer engine, adjustable all-wheel drive, a hard 6-speed manual transmission, hydraulic power steering ... Although it is neither a coupe nor a very light car, the truth is that it transmits great sensations to its driver. And yes, I think you should always carry that huge spoiler on the trunk.

MINI Cooper S

The MINI Cooper S in 3-door body has also passed in this 2018 by our hands (you can read here the test). It maintains that agile spirit that has always characterized it so much, with very fast changes of direction and a rear one that you can dislocate if you wish. Its 192 hp engine, more than power, stands out for the enormous delivery of torque across the range of revolutions. We tried it with manual change and, although at first we were a little skeptical, it ended up convincing us by its good functioning in all situations.

Mercedes-AMG CLS 63

Our partner Quique had the opportunity to get behind the wheel for a couple of days of the Mercedes-AMG CLS 63 (find here the test) of previous generation.Of course, the few doubts that we had evaporated when we remember that this German beast uses a V8 twin turbo of 5.5 liters with 557 HP. A real shame the speed limits of our country ...

Ford Fiesta ST

Already in the last part of the year we spent a week with the new Ford Fiesta ST (visit our test). It is one of a sports utility with three cylinders, but you will forget that it only has three "pouts" when you press the start button, start giving gas and the 200 HP emanate by the double exhaust. Without a doubt, it is currently the most interesting in its category, and also the most effective. As I say in the test, if you plan your purchase, do not forget the Performance pack, because the self-locking differential is the icing on the cake.

Mercedes- AMG GT 63 S 4 Doors

And finally, the Mercedes-AMG GT 63 S 4 Doors Coupé (you can read the test here). Yes, his name is very long and ugly, but believe me when I tell you that it takes longer to recite his full name than to move from one curve to another. It is a very sporty coupe sedan, or maybe a supercar with sedan coupe body; it is not clear to me yet. 639 CV and 900 Nm of torque to dismiss this 2018 with a lot of speed, but also with a lot of comfort.

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Honestly, I can not stay with just one of them. Each one has its peculiarities, its pros and cons, its advantages and disadvantages. Although they are all fast and sporty cars, they do not match the same type of customer . And the most beautiful thing is that all are good, it is only necessary that each buyer knows well what kind of car he wants. A pure sports car or a family saloon with plenty of power? A sport utility vehicle or a two-seater convertible end?

From everything I've experienced with sports cars in 2018, I'll take the comparative sports compact that we did at Actualidad Motor during last spring We faced the Ford Focus RS, Honda Civic Type R, Seat Leon Cupra and Hyundai i30 N. It took a lot of work and headaches, but it is also true that it was a great experience. Here is the link to our written comparison and just below this paragraph the video with our main impressions.

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