This year the Gran Coupé version of the BMW 2 Series lands, including one for the more powerful M2 version, with the same power and sportiness.

BMW M2 Gran Coupé: all the power and fun but with 4 doors

BMW M2 Gran Coupé 4 doors

The presentation of the BMW M2 Gran Coupe is just around the corner. The small sports car receives its 4-door version, with which it can compete with cars such as the Audi RS3 Sedan and the Mercedes CLA 45 AMG. Some very tough rivals for which it is not enough to have a couple of doors more. Can the BMW with them?

The intention of BMW is to attract more buyers thanks to this more versatile and practical format for daily life. The brand has taken this decision because it believes that it needed to fill this gap within its range, but did not want to do it in any way. The M2 Gran Coupe will keep its engine mounted longitudinally and traction on the rear wheels , making it a unique offer that its rivals do not offer. Both the Audi and the Mercedes use transversely mounted engines and four-wheel drive.

Same power and fun ... sure?

It is likely that the new M2 has a distance between axes halfway between the 2.69 meters of the M2 Coupé and the 2.81 meters of the Series 3. A very slight modification that does not have to alter its behavior , and It is necessary if you want to accommodate two rear doors and enough legroom on the rear bench seat.

Rear of the BMW M2 Gran Coupe

In addition to the M2 Gran Coupé version, conventional versions will also be available. This means that the Series 2 Gran Coupe will feature turbocharged engines of three, four and six cylinders, like the coupé and cabriolet.

On the side of the gasoline , the unit of three cylinders and 1.5 liters with 136 HP is expected for the 218i Gran Coupe, in addition to the 184 and 252 HP available in the 2.0-liter engine with four cylinders, which receive the anagram 220i and 225i respectively. Also it will be M240i, with its motor of six cylinders in line and 3.0 liters capable of yielding 340 CV. On the side of the diesel is only the 2.0-liter four-cylinder block, with three power levels: 150, 190 and 224 HP for the 218d, 220d and 225d versions.

And a plug-in hybrid?

As with its two-door brother, buyers of the Series 2 Gran Coupe will have the option of a six-speed manual gearbox or one for eight-speed torque converter, as well as rear-wheel drive or all-wheel xDrive. However, four-wheel drive will be offered in combination with a limited range of engines.

Interior of the BMW M2 Grand Coupé

A plug-in hybrid is also on the table for the Series 2 Gran Coupe. If it becomes a reality, it is expected to use the 1.5-liter three-cylinder gasoline engine, along with an electric motor mounted inside the front section of an automatic gearbox. Its lithium-ion battery would be placed on the ground, and would be designed to provide the Gran Coupe 225e an autonomy in electric mode of up to 50 km.

The top of the range is called M2 Gran Coupé

The M2 Gran Coupe will have the same engine of 370 HP and 500 Nm from 1,400 to 5,500 rpm. It will be offered in combination with a six-speed manual gearbox or a dual-clutch automatic with 7 gears.The Series 2 Gran Coupe will be produced together with the coupé and cabrio models at the BMW plant in Leipzig.

It is still early to know what the Series measurements will be 2 Gran Coupe . Anyway, the two-door version measures 4.43 meters long, 1.77 wide and 1.42 high, which gets a trunk of 390 liters and a space for the rear seats something fair. For its part, although the Cabrio has the same length, has a trunk of 335 liters (280 without hood) and the rear seats are even more contained. We will be looking for future updates to find out how much the new four-door version grows in these dimensions.

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