We present the calendar or agenda of Fernando Alonso for 2019, with all the races he will do outside F1, in the absence of some confirmations ...

The agenda of Fernando Alonso for 2019

Alonso with his Kimoa hat

New year, new challenges. Fernando Alonso has been fired for the time of Formula 1, even with the uncertainty of whether he will return in the future or not, but it seems that everything indicates what would return if you give a car and change some things of the Today, as the predictability of the races by the huge differences between the leading teams and the rest ...

What we do know and there is no doubt is the schedule that Fernando will have outside the F1 for 2019 , with the races that will be played and that we know at the moment. It will not be a year as tight as the one in F1, although there could be some more surprises after these competitions as indicated by Fernando in his Twitter account, leaving a bit of intrigue indicating that there could be some more competition.

Alonso with the helmet of Daytona

We do not know if it will renew more seasons with Toyota for the WEC , but it could be known soon after the super season you have signed. And as I say, it is possible that there are more surprises that we will be happy to tell you about. At the moment, we only know their participation in the Indy, WEC and also their participation in Daytona. By the way, this last appointment is already being prepared, in fact it has already flown to the United States to participate in the tests.

In addition, you may try the McLaren MCL34 on some tests and we'll see what else. Well, if you want to know the full calendar or agenda that we know officially for the moment (if you do not confirm whether more entries will be available throughout the year), it is as follows:

# 8211; # 8211;
Day Race
4-6 January 24-hour Daytona test with the Cadillac
January 26-27 24 hours of Daytona with the Cadillac
March 15 1000 Miles of Sebring with the Toyota TS050 Hybrid
May 4 6 hours Spa with the Toyota TS050 Hybrid
May 26 500 Miles from Indianapolis with the Indy with Chevrolet engine
June 16 24 hours of Le Mans with the Toyota TS050 Hybrid
Coming soon ...

It's all left to win the 500 Miles to have the Triple Crown!

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