The fourth-generation Mercedes-Benz Class A has liked us a lot in the two versions we have tested, first with the A200 gasoline and,

Drunk drunk with this first video teaser of the Mercedes-AMG A45

Video teaser of the Mercedes-AMG A45 drift

The Mercedes-Benz Class A of fourth generation we liked a lot in the two versions that we have tried, first with the A200 gasoline and, later, in the diesel A180 d. A few weeks ago we knew every detail of the first step with the AMG seal, the Mercedes-AMG A35, which comes to rival the Audi S3 Sportback and BMW M140i xDrive . But the best is yet to come.

The German brand has high hopes in the AMG A35, and they do not stop repeating that it is a very dynamic product at the same time as polyvalent. We have not yet been able to prove it - we will not be late - but after seeing the following video our wishes are no longer focused on the A35, but on the Mercedes-AMG A45 that will be presented inside of not many months and that very possibly will arrive at the market in the second half of 2019. Inside video!

Yes, the video It's spectacular . The company wanted to celebrate these important dates by launching a video teaser very exciting. The unit that we see in the clip has a great camouflage that, although it makes clear that it is a Class A, does not allow to distinguish the features added by AMG beyond the quadruple exit of escape. On the opposite side, they have been able to convey to us that we can have the most fun with them when we feel like partying.

Like in the Ford Focus RS, due to the behavior we see in the video and the way of skidding, it makes us think that the new Mercedes-AMG A45 will have a driving mode in stability control and transmission management to facilitate skidding . Ford calls it " Drift Mode " in the Focus RS, but beyond the name, the important thing is the ease with which slides the rear end with relatively easy reactions. control.

Teaser of the Mercedes-AMG A45 camouflage

Under the front hood the most logical thing is that we find an evolution of the supercharged 2.0 engine. No official data yet, but we can virtually ensure that will not be below 400 CV , and may exceed that figure. Thus, it would beat in this data the Audi RS 3, which will be its main rival for the next years.

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Video teaser of the Mercedes-AMG A45 drift

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