These are, in our opinion, the main keys that have made the Seat Leon the best selling car in Spain for the fourth consecutive year.

The Seat Leon is the most sold car in Spain in 2018, and these are the 5 (+1) reasons

The Seat Leon is the most sold car in Spain in 2018, and these are the 5 (+1) reasons

As always, when you arrive on the first working day of the year, you should watch the data run sales of the previous year and see which cars have been the best sellers. We have already analyzed the commercialization registers of 2018, as well as which have been the most sold brands and models; now let's think why the Seat Leon has been the best-selling car of the year .

Yes, the Seat León has once again been the best-selling car in Spain for 4th consecutive year . The Spanish compact has been the preferred car for Spaniards for four years, but the truth is that its market share in 2018 (2.62%) is not as high as in 2015 (3.20) %); although this may also be due to the increased growth of SUV vehicles. Be that as it may, we are going to look for the keys to why the Seat Leon is once again the best-selling car in Spain.

The most logical and versatile

Under my point of view, and although the compact SUVs already add more sales than the traditional models of segment C, this category is the most logical and interesting for the most families when what you are looking for is a multi-purpose product. A utility will be better for daily and urban use, but too fair for space to travel with the family. An average saloon will be more comfortable when traveling, but it will have more inconveniences in the city.

The compact models , like the Seat León, are not the most useful to go to the center to work and look for parking, nor for a trip with the family of half a thousand kilometers; but it defends itself well and approves both in one section and in another. Therefore, it is logical to acquire a compact when looking for a car "for everything" .

A design that convinces young and old

Generations Seat Leon Cupra

The first Seat León and second generation arrived with a very sporty aesthetic that liked - and much - especially the youngest ones. With the third generation , the model of the Spanish brand was looking to open a little more its clientele , and the less dynamic but more elegant design has helped a lot.

While a good part of the clients of the first two generations were young guys; it's a lot easier to see middle-aged men and women driving a third-generation Seat León launched on the market in 2012. Have you noticed too?

All commercial success in my point of view, even more so seeing the poor purchasing power of those under 30 today ...

Perfect in nothing, very good in everything

One of the peculiarities of the Seat Leon is its great balance at a general level . I would dare to say that it is not the best of the category in any way, but it is quite good in all of them.Previous models of the Lion could only be purchased in 5-door bodywork, while the arrival of this model added a 3-door body called SC (which ceased production a few months ago), the family ST and the adventurer Seat Leon X-Perience , with a higher body and country look.

To the above we must add the greater possibilities of differentiation aesthetic. The FR finish remains the hallmark of the sporty finish - although it is not as aggressive as before - while the Xcellence finish adds a more elegant touch which can be seen in some chromed exterior contours, in the design of the rims, in the main grille or in some interior finishing elements.

Price-to-price ratio

As I said before, the Seat Leon is a very balanced vehicle in every way; a car that does it very well in all aspects despite not highlighting especially in any of them. The price is always a determining factor, and with it the result of this equation remains unchanged. It is not the most affordable car in the category, but it has a very good value for money ; something that every company looks for its product.

If we talk about quality and good sense of use of materials, adjustments and technology , the Lion is a step below a Volkswagen Golf, for example, which is always the reference of the category; but the price difference between one and the other is very large and does not manage to save that step. In my opinion, this means that potential clients of an intermediate finish Golf bet on a lion equipped and more powerful investing the same (or very similar) amount of money.

For being of Spanish brand and the inherited love to Seat?

Factory of Seat in Martorell

I am not entirely clear about the influence of this last section and I think it is not a decisive purchase reason, but I think the fact of that Seat is a Spanish brand with a lot of history and influence in our country can also add that bit of grain to some customers who were between a Leon and another compact to acquire the SEAT.

In addition to direct jobs and indirectly generated by the company in Spain, practically any of our parents, grandparents or beings Dear and close have had an old Seat model ; either 600 or 850 - just to give two examples. I think that this small emotional link can also help, although here I am no longer referring only to the Lion, but to the models of the brand in general - even if some are produced outside of Spain -.

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