Test of the Mercedes Class X 350d 4Matic in Power finish, the first luxury pick-up. All a SUV of 256 CV and permanent total traction.

Test Mercedes Class X 350d 4Matic Power

Test of the Mercedes X-Class

This week we had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of the pick-up of Mercedes: the Class X . But not with any of its versions. This is the top of the range with the V6 diesel engine of 258 HP and the highest finish, which is called Power. A luxury for off-road, whose starting price is 55,964 euros if you enroll as a private individual.

The Mercedes X-Class has been created together with the Nissan Navara and the Renault Alaskan strong> (the latter only for Latin America). So he shares many elements of its architecture and technology with them. Even so, Mercedes has wanted to move away from these generalist brands, with a more careful interior, more equipment and some mechanical modifications. In addition, the version we have had in hand is the most DNA in the house, as it is the only one equipped with a engine completely developed by Mercedes .

A more noble design than 'work '

Front of the Mercedes Class X

Although a pick-up is a vehicle designed for work , you clearly see the intention of Mercedes to give you a more distinguished appearance . An appearance that is not only given by the fact of having a star on the engine grill, but by the design of its nose and cargo box.

The Class X has many points in common with Mercedes SUVs . Especially with the GLE 2019, which has a grill very similar with two bars surrounding the logo. In addition, it shares with him the shape of the black trim that crosses from side to side to frame the fog lights. The optics of this pick-up do have a more personal distribution . Except for LED daytime running lights, which have a shape very similar to those of the GLA.

In the lateral is where the Class X loses the characteristic design of Mercedes. Moreover, it could be said that it is a copy of his brothers of Nissan and Renault. Especially in the form of doors, windows and footrests. In the cargo area , you can regain your own personality , because the box has an exclusive shape, with less marked wheel arches and a bumper of its own design. The Navara and the Alaskan have almost identical boxes with each other, with the only notable difference of the grooves of the gates.

Interior refined to be a pick-up

Interior of the Mercedes X-Class

As it was wait, within Class X is where the biggest differences are with French and Japanese. Without forgetting that it is a pick-up, and that therefore is more austere, Mercedes has been concerned to improve some materials. Especially in the Power finish of our unit.

Despite this, hard plastics are the material that dominates the interior . An understandable decision if we take into account that a work vehicle like this one must be prepared for stains and the occasional blow, depending on the use that is given.

Its design follows the line of other models of the brand, with the round air vents and the floating center screen. It is manufactured in the plant that Nissan Barcelona has, but at first glance everything seems to be well finished and adjusted .As you can see in the image, it has the extra equipment of the 8.4-inch Command Online central screen. But the one that comes standard is not much smaller, with its 7 inches.

All versions have spare wheel, front and rear power windows, heated rear window, i-Size child restraint, hill start assist, cruise speed control, descent control, active brake assist, lane change detector (no lane maintenance assistance), traffic signal and call detector of emergency.

At 120 km/h, not at 90 km/h

As of August 2017, the pick-ups stopped being considered trucks to enter the category of cars , so they only have to respect the speed limits stipulated for them in each type of road. Therefore, this should no longer be a problem when assessing whether to buy one or not.

The Power finish we have tested has , 18-inch, keyless entry and start, climate control, audio system with 8 speakers and 20 CDs, power-adjustable passenger seat, heated and electrically foldable door mirrors, LED headlights, lumbar support in driver's seat, leather steering wheel, shift paddles on the steering wheel, knob of the gear lever in leather, leather simulation instrumentation panel with seams and rain sensor.

What we did not like is that you have to pay part by the camera for reversing even in the top finish. Especially for being a very useful equipment for a car with poor visibility and with similar dimensions: 5.34 meters long, 1.92 wide and 1.82 high. You can get it for 380 euros on its own or as part of the parking package with 360 ° camera for 1,074 euros.

The most spacious of the competition

Front seats of the Mercedes X-Class

Space in the seats front is more than enough to comfortably travel two people of great stature. The only drawbacks we find are the shortage of spaces to leave objects and that the steering wheel is not adjustable in depth . The latter complicates a bit to find a comfortable driving position.

The rear seats are somewhat short . A common inconvenience in this type of double cabin pick-ups. Anyway, the legroom is acceptable. The most surprising thing is that it is more spacious than the Nissan Navara , which theoretically would have to be the same.

Access to the interior of the passenger compartment is somewhat uncomfortable given the height of the vehicle. Although in that it is at the same level as its rivals. In addition, it becomes even more complicated when accessing the rear seats, since the door is narrower. But again we find a common defect in double cabins. So more should be taken as a warning about this type of vehicle rather than a criticism of the Class X in particular.

A pick -up really on what matters

Mercedes Class X cargo box

As in the Navara, this Mercedes has a spacious cargo box . Includes hooks that can be moved through rails located on the sides and bottom . You can choose a cover like the one you can see in the photos or an aluminum shutter.The rear axle has a independent suspension with coil springs . A much better solution than the typical crossbow suspension, because it improves its dynamic behavior and its riding comfort. Thanks to this, the typical feeling that the rear part falls sharply when the rear axle overcomes an obstacle, such as a speed bump, is less appreciated. A discomfort suffered especially by the occupants of the rear bench.

The most Mercedes of the Class X

Diesel Engine V6 of the Mercedes Class X

At the beginning of this written test we have already advanced it: Class X 350d 4Matic Power is the 'most Mercedes' version of all. Neither the Nissan model nor the Renault model are offered with the propeller we have tested, as it is developed by and for the German brand . It is a 6-cylinder engine in 'V' with 258 HP of power, which also comes from the very early 3,400 rpm. Its 550 Nm of maximum torque are available between 1,400 and 3,200 rpm.

All these numbers mean that, with this engine, the Class X is able to move freely in any circumstance. Not only by the number of CV, but because it is capable of 'pulling the car' at full load even at very low revs . A circumstance in which the automatic change by torque converter with 7 gears helps. Whose operation is not very fast, but it is smooth and comfortable.

Another feature that sets it apart from its brothers is that the 350d can only be chosen with the 4Motion drive from Mercedes . Which is permanent and with a torque distribution of 40/60 between the front and rear axles. A very appropriate configuration to carry a lot of weight and that does not interfere too much in the dynamics of the vehicle.

At the wheel you can almost forget what it is, but only almost

Lateral of the Mercedes X-Class

Another section where the Mercedes engineers have wanted to mark some more difference is precisely in the dynamics. They have added a few centimeters to the width of tracks , to give it more stability; have modified the address , to improve its accuracy, and have lowered 2 cm in height to make it a little more agile. If the off-road capacity is a priority for you, it is better to opt for the undercarriage with higher ground clearance. You can find it as optional equipment for 257 euros.

Thanks to these changes, in addition to some more effective brakes , Class X has a better performance on the asphalt It gives the feeling of being driving a conventional SUV. Although the big difference in weight between the front and rear axle is still playing against him as in any pick-up.

Off the road, his behavior is good. Although we have not had time to rigorously test it. Anyway, in the test of the Nissan Navara you can get an idea of how it moves through the field and complicated roads.


The Mercedes Class X 350d 4Matic Power is a pick-up to consider if the budget is not a very determining factor. By sharing platform with your Nissan-Renault Group sisters, you have more affordable enemies in your own home .Although the two engines of 163 and 190 HP are not Mercedes, they do have a good performance.

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