Volkswagen has introduced its new mobile chargers for electric cars and other vehicles. Some fast superchargers with 100 Kwh of power.

New Volkswagen mobile chargers for electric cars

Volkswagen Chargers with 360 kWh

Volkswagen has presented the first look at your new project mobile quick chargers . One charging stations that use a 360 kWh battery pack similar to the one used in your MEB platform. Thanks to him the brand offers a new system where energy is sent where required.

With this charging station, Volkswagen is able to charge up to 15 electric vehicles of the same way that the batteries of a mobile or a tablet are charged through a power bank . And the most interesting thing is that works like fast chargers , so you do not have to wait too long to get a good level of load.

Do not just load cars ...

The German manufacturer describes its system in the following way : "Mobile charging stations can be distributed throughout a city. The locations can be easily found through the Internet or the specific applications that are developed. Each charging station allows fast charging of up to 100 kW. In addition to electric cars, electric bicycles can also be charged.

Volkswagen charging stations of 360 kWh

Up to four vehicles can be recharged simultaneously: two with CC and two with AC connections. The total storage capacity of the battery is 360 kWh, which is enough for up to 15 electric vehicles. There is also the possibility to connect directly to the power supply, which allows charging the station with up to 30 kW through an alternating current through a connection to the permanent standard network. This allows the charging points of electric vehicles to be set up quickly and easily, without any structural change or major financial expense.

The charging station battery can be recharged 24 hours a day thanks to the direct feed connection. This time-independent recharging, and therefore energy storage, also greatly reduces the voltage at the power source in periods of high demand. "

Chargers for electric cars with sustainable energy

Volkswagen Charger

Mark Möller, Director of Technical Development at Volkswagen Components , commented on this project: "Our mobile charging stations offer an additional advantage. It is only when an electric car is loaded with sustainably generated energy that it can claim CO2-free mobility. Our charging station is the first to offer the possibility of temporarily storing the power generated in a sustainable way. "

The first fast-charging mobile stations will be installed as of the first semester of 2019 in Wolfsburg (Germany), the company's hometown. They will be part of a pilot project in which they will try to provide cargo service throughout the urban area. The charging stations will be implemented in other cities and communities during the following year.

The brands are taking electric cars and their food seriously with superchargers. Tesla has just updated its own to make them more powerful, in addition to expanding its coverage in Spain and throughout Europe. You may be interested
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